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Items are place within the category that makes the most sense.  In some cases if your item(s) is something we haven’t previously sold before,    DDDR may setup a category or DDDR could setup a page just for that item.  Our goal is to sell your item(s)!





DDDR may choose to showcase one or more of your items either on our home page, in our newsletter, our blog or on our facebook pages.  Our search engine is generally within the top 10 several search criteria and in most cases we’re number five for online consignments and boutiques.







How To Get Your Item(s) On DDDR Site?

Photograph your item(s) with a white (preferred) background, *(even if the item(s) is white-use more lighting and turn off the flash).  Determine the price and write a brief informative description.  We reserve the right to edit any description, including measurements and size.  You can you use DDDR description form (Pkg Slip).  If applicable,  email your full name (First, middle initial and last)  city and state.  If you have an account with PayPal, use the email address you use for payments (payments will be addressed below).  You can use use DDDR Reservation form.


Orders and Payments

All payments and Orders are handled through DDDR PayPal account;  An order can include sales of more than one consignor's merchandise and/or sale for DDDR.  We will separate each party’s sales and email paperwork to you (Receiving your payment is addressed below.  Really)!


Shipping Charges

Shipping charges are the most difficult aspect of this entire process.  If we charge too much for shipping, our customer’s won’t buy; too little we’re operating at a loss on certain items.  If you shipped directly to the customer this is why your percentage rate is higher than if we ship the item(s).  If you ship to us we will do our best to make the shipping charge split among each consignor and mainly by DDDR on the transaction.  We strongly suggest that you review shipping charge calculations at shipping rates.



Our fees are conductive to most Consignment shops.  It may vary higher than some site or shops because DDDR gives 10% of every sale to  The Douglas County Women & Children Shelter.  DDDR fees are deducted from the sale of each item(s).  You will receive an accounting of sales transaction at the time we send your payment.  We also provide a monthly statement of the proceeds that are giving to  The Douglas County Women & Children Shelter on our website.


Your Payment

If you have a PayPal account, your share, plus shipping fess will be transferred into your account as stated in the How to Consign online Page on the DDDR website.  DDDR strongly suggest you setup a PayPal account, its simple and a quick way to be paid.  In some cases after becoming a frequent DDiva consignor, DDDR will pay on proof/notification to DDDR that the item has shipped.  See note below in other stuff:  If you rather notsetup a PayPal account your payment will be mailed via a bank check on the 1st of each month for the previous month’s sale


Your Account Number

Each customer will be assigned a customer number based on his/hers initials followed by a number sequence (First Middle and Last). You must fill out a DDDR registration and contract/agreement form upon first time consignments. Once receive DDDR will assign a DDiva account number to be used on each consignment and/or correspondence.


Pricing Strategy

Pricing your items that you ship directly to the customer is at your discretion.  In general pre-owned merchandise excluding one of a kind, hard to find item(s) are priced 30% off the original price for each year of receipt of merchandise.  (Keep in mind we only sale, inventory, advertise or market items that are 3 years old or less) unless the item is one of kind, hard to find/fit item(s) and most Designer items DDDR will consider if older than 3 years depending on the items and condition of the items.



You paid 150.00 for a dress last year

                                            Pricing $105.00 1 year

                                            Pricing $60.00   2 years

                                            Pricing $25.00   3 years

Acceptable Merchandise

Merchandise should be salable, in that it is clean, not chipped, faded, damage or missing pieces which is outlined on DDDR website on the How To Consign Page.  If it is a simple flaw you have to describe that flaw so the shopper can make an informed decision as to whether to purchase.  All returns for items in this category will be at the expense of the Consignor.

Order Form

PayPal sends an confirmation email to DDDR of an order. When DDDR receives this notification DDDR removes the item(s) from DDDR site and will provide you with paperwork for the sale in PDF format.  You will receive a packing slip to print and include with the shipment as well as the transaction details between DDDR and you.


Packaging the Order

You may package the order however you like, that said DDDR hopes you take every precaution to ensure the item(s) arrives to the Customer in the condition as state on DDDR’s site. 


Which Shipping Carrier To Use

Generally orders can be shipped through the post office; you can go to to get rates and other information. FedEx and UPS are also alternatives.  Postage rates went up twice during the 1st  four months of 2011 we’ve had to look at ways to save money with shipping. Instead of using boxes, which can add several ounces to shipment, we purchase heavy duty plastic bags which are about 18 x 13 or so.  They’ve held everything shipped to date. Securely wrapped of course.  We can ship first class mail on orders weighing 12 ounces or less. These are just a few tips and we can help with more ideas if you need us.


When Do DDDR Ship?

DDDR tries to ship 2 to 3 days, sometimes next day and under rare circumstances and with good reason do we allow more than 4 working days to pass.  Although, DDDR has no control of your shipping practices DDDR hope you will not let more than 3 working days go by before shipping to the Customer.  Time is of essence when you are shipping directly to the Customer your payment is not sent until the Customer receives the item(s).


Consignment Terms

The terms are outline on the website and on the contract/agreement*When shipping your item(s) to DDDR it is at your expense and we will handle the entire transaction ourselves.  Our percentage is higher for this service.  Either email DDDR at with an itemized list (see our form) including a brief description, you can also put a copy with the shipment.  We will inventory the item(s) when they arrive against your itemized list and will send you a confirmation that all items were received and are as described, another thought is that shipping charges become our full responsibility


DDDR no longer offers this option unless the item(s) has not sold in 60 days but inquiry was high on the item(s) and reason for not buying is pricing or timing.  This is made at our discretion Email If/when DDDR send you an email, whether it’s to alert you of a sale or if only to check to make sure everything on the site is still available and you do not respond, you are running the risk of having your items removed from the site, We will send a couple more emails and will give you a few more days to respond but, after a reasonable amount time has elapsed without contact from you we will remove your items 



Vacations Etc.,

If you are planning on being away for a few days, it would help both you and DDDR that you send a quick email.  We will refund the buyer’s money and remove your items from the site, if a sale comes through and you do not respond to our email because you were out of town, when we know ahead of time we can send the buyer an email letting them know their shipment will be delayed until you return.  Customer’s appreciate being kept in the loop.



In the case that a Consignor use DDDR site as viewing but, handles the sale outside our site to avoid paying DDDR fees, all items will be removed.  If a Consignor offers item(s) not in the condition and/or damage, do not ship none or part of the item(s) to a DDDR customer, the DDiva items will be removed from the site.  If any of the fore mention occurs DDDR will take legal proceedings regardless of the reason(s) or the selling price of item(s).  We strongly enforce the terms of our contract/agreement and we abide by everything we offer and/or sale.  Together a DDiva and DDDR can build a great relationship selling items that you no longer need, use or wear.


Thank you for becoming

a DDiva!

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