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Diva Davidson's DressingRoom (DDDR) was established in 2011 by Kym Davidson.  The idea originated when several women in a water aerobics class started talking about all the weight they'd lost and the clothing they could no longer wear and have accumulated over the years including jewelry and shoes.  









Alterations wouldn't be feasible and buying new clothing could be extremely costly if you are use to being a "DIVA"

Yes you can lose weight in your feet and hands.......


With a single minded focus to find a solution to this problem, this lead to many conversations with family, friends & strangers. A lot of research, seminars and classes. It was founded...........



Atlanta has 3 Consignment Shops that specialize in Plus Sizes & 6 Shops that "Carries" Plus Sizes; only 2 online shops with plus sizes. All but 1 only carries designer pieces.  After all the research, planning & with lots of encouragement, help & prayers..........

Diva Davidson's DressingRooms Was Born!

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